Sunday, December 7, 2008


Its strange how song can wake u up. I mean not wake up from sleep , wake up and think . It really open my eyes when i read the lyrics of these song. Nevertheless, its akon who sing it. Looks like some one have been shine by the light from above =p


Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto livin

[Verse one]

These streets remind me of quicksand (quicksand)
When your on it you'll keep goin down (goin down)
And there's noone to hold on too
And there's noone to pull you out
You keep on fallin (falling)
And noone can here you callin
So you end up self destructing
On the corner with the tuli on the waist line just got outta the bing doin state time
Teeth marks on my back from the canine
Dark Memories of when there was no sunshine
Cause they said that I wouldn't make it
(I remember like yesterday)
Holdin on to what god gave me


Cause thats the life when ur
Living in the (ghetto)and
Eating in the (ghetto)or
Sleeping in the (ghetto) (ghetto)
Cause thats the life when ur
Living in the (ghetto)and
Eating in the (ghetto)or
Sleeping in the (ghetto, ghetto, ghetto)

[Verse two]

No need to cherish luxuries (cause everythin' come and go)
Even the life that you have is borrowed
(Cause your not promised tomorrow)
So live your life as if everydays' gon be your last
Once you move forward can't go back
Best prepare to remove your past

Cause ya gotta be willin to pray
Yea There gotta be (there gotta be) a better way oh
Yea ya gotta be willing to pray
Cause there gotta be (there gotta be) a better day (ay)

Whoever said that this struggle would stop today
A lot of niggas dead or locked away
Teenage Women growing up with aids


Cause thats the life when your
Living in the (ghetto) oh
Eating in the (ghetto) or
Sleeping in the (ghetto, ghetto)
Thats the life when ur
Living in the (ghetto)oh
Eating in the (ghetto) or
Sleeping in the (ghetto, ghetto, ghetto)


Gun shots every night in the (ghetto)
Crooked cops on sight in the (ghetto)
Every day is a fight in the (ghetto)
(oh oh oh oh oh) (ghetto)
Got kids to feed in the (ghetto)
Selling coke and weed in the (ghetto)
Every day somebody bleed in the (ghetto)
(oh oh oh oh oh) (ghetto)


Thats the life when your
Living in the (ghetto)oh
Living by the (ghetto)oh
Eating in the (ghetto, ghetto)
Thats the life when your
Living in the (ghetto)oh
Sleeping in the (ghetto)
Living in the (ghetto, ghetto, ghetto)


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

confusion ?

You know , as we get older we tend to change our attitude , food , style , and much more. Same goes to music and all sorts of entertaiment as well. We change start from listening to Barnie and friends to some rock and roll or rnb or whatever uptodate song kindda thing.We start to be more COOLER weather we notice it or not infront of girls. In other word we start to have ego.

Its not wrong to have this changes in our life, but as things go on it reminds us of things that we love to do when we were still kids.Yes those memories wont be erase in our michine in our brain no doubt about it.Thats good as we tend not to forget in our CHILDHOOD days.

In certain case, it is strange how someone can be very much MATURE tend to how should i say ? RECALL theirs childhood days maybe ? its about 2 friends of mine . 1 is a COOL dude and 1 has a disturbing image of having 1 nite stand in the jungle ? :P So both of them went to watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 . And just the 2 of them only.

I was freaking SHOCK when i heard that story, 2 person out of 17 class mates watch high school musical3 ? its like a teenager still watching sesame street or powderpuff girls or whatever... * HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA *but yeah its not wrong to recall our CHILDHOOD days wright ? :P oh well , HIDUP INI MACAM PALAT , TAPI ESOK MASIH ADA.

P/S : i also watch some of the KIDS movie , but lets just pray i watch it with FRIENDS and i mean more then 2-3 person ok .

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

she is the question ??

Have you ever noticed,
That I’m not acting as I used to do before?
What have you done to me,
I’ll never be the same I'll tell you for sure
You really are my ecstasy....
Not that I’m complaining,
The most beautiful angel I have never seen
If you don’t mind me saying,
A lifelong ambition to fulfill my dream...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So i`ve just update my theme. nothing much. just to show people that im still ALIVE kthnxbye

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today me and my old friends we're lepaking togather. Its been awhile since we lepak and talk about "
THOSE DAYS" storys. IT was fun you know, sharing those story's from ur a SMALL ONES to BIG ONES . And while we're talking , one of my friends said that "time will change people".And i was thinking to myself? does time really change me ? i mean after all these years do i changed ? After all those stupid and NON stupid stuff i did does it change me ? If time really change people then, am i ready to change ? am i gonna change all those stuff i use to believe and pretend it never happend ? im not emoing just doubting... well , ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE ?

Friday, September 5, 2008


well ever wonder when u working with some people in a group for quite some times and after that u left the team and hope that life will go on and fun, but untill 1 day u feel like missing them. YEAH i miss them. LOL i miss people at friday's alot . Haha maybe 2-3 years from now i`ll be missing them at taylors too :P

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


ifeel like posting .............................

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So today i`ve been moved to a new station. Usually i was in EXPO and in expo you only do the prep and maybe setting the last touch for the meal and dessert. Now that i`ve move to sautee i can cook more things and less prep :P ok enough of the crapppss. Today the first meal that i`ve cook is THE SIZZLING CHICKEN AND CHEESE . I dont know how it taste like but , theres no complain either. SO ? it must be GOOD :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i found this shit in youtube and YEAH it STUNT me like a lightning strike on my heart. my FUCKING MIND was stopped. i mean HELL YEAH alot of guys love sex (no kidding) but if their partner is this girl? its gonna be some SERIOUS SHIT !! I guess you guys should watch this.

Friday, July 11, 2008


The WORLD GAMEMASTER TOURNAMENT is back in malaysia. If im not mistaken its the 2nd WGT tournament held in malaysia. The first WGT was held last year at One Utama shopping center. In THE STAR news paper, ASUS has just BLAST all the gamers with an advertisment of WGT 2008 malaysia final which featured the dates and venue.

As you can see from the image above, the official game for WGT2008 Malaysia is COUNTERSTRIKE , FIFA08 , WARCRAFT 3 / DOTA , and NFS PROSTREET.
Below are the date and the venue of this tournament :

Date : 29th Oct - 2nd Nov

Venue : Midvalley Centre Court

So GAMERS gear up and keep ya finger cross for this EXCITING event. Although the official confirmation is not yet available =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

period pain attax !

Its the
7th day of my training and this feelings come to me again. I called it PERIOD PAIN feelings. It's a feeling that makes u feel FUCKUP in the things that you`r doing now. Seriosuly, it suddenly came to me like a HARPOON MISSILE strike the enemy without noticing it. Everything went smoothly untill my coach called me and aaron to help him with the RECIEVING ITEM i mean WTF ? isn't that a BANGLA's work ? So me and aaron SUKARELAPAKSA (willingly force) to do.

We end our shift at 6.30 p.m . I'm walking home since i`m not driving to work, my leg's still hurting me. While walking home suddenly im thinking about this course im thinking. Am i really interested in cooking ? Why do i take this course in the first place ? Can i really cook ? Why is this course important to me ? why the HELL it mean so much to me ? Can i stop now ? is it too late to stop now ? 1001 and things came into my mind.

Well im not emo or something. Its just that im confuse in what im gonna do with my life now. OH WELL ! C'EST LA VIE

Friday, July 4, 2008

This feelings ?!

This feelings come again. After for a quite some times i didnt feel it and now it came back to me. The lazyness , The joy , The pain , The tears all come at the same time at the same momment.And i`ll prolly face the momment for quite some times. Working in the kitchen its not easy as it look like in the tv. Its 70% more worst. I still remember, last time when i use to watch kitchen shows, it seem easy and fun. Never the less people in the tv was smiling. But in real life actually kitchen is something like hell. At first everyone laughing togather and the next thing u know everyone start scriming and scolding each other.And the PAIN that attack ur legs. Sometimes i wonder how does people that have this PASSION of cooking can come to work even know they're sick or something. It really amaze me , but i dont think so this field is for me. I try to think back in such case that made me do it even if im sick is just drawing.I LOVE TO ARTSSS!! anyway i just crapping around.

Friday, June 27, 2008

beyond expectation*

free download

After soo long, i now found the music that i'm searching . u guys sure know about the song called here in my home from malaysian various artist... i must says they did a good job . After all these years finally they have shown to others that they can sing english song well (c'est magnifique)... and YEAH the song ROCKXX , It is BEYOND most of our EXPECTATIONS that malaysian artist can sing like this .WELL DONE MATE , and GOOD JOB . keep it up .


so i`ve change BACK to blogspot . dayum ! i love blogspott!!! :P