Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today me and my old friends we're lepaking togather. Its been awhile since we lepak and talk about "
THOSE DAYS" storys. IT was fun you know, sharing those story's from ur a SMALL ONES to BIG ONES . And while we're talking , one of my friends said that "time will change people".And i was thinking to myself? does time really change me ? i mean after all these years do i changed ? After all those stupid and NON stupid stuff i did does it change me ? If time really change people then, am i ready to change ? am i gonna change all those stuff i use to believe and pretend it never happend ? im not emoing just doubting... well , ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE ?

Friday, September 5, 2008


well ever wonder when u working with some people in a group for quite some times and after that u left the team and hope that life will go on and fun, but untill 1 day u feel like missing them. YEAH i miss them. LOL i miss people at friday's alot . Haha maybe 2-3 years from now i`ll be missing them at taylors too :P