Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So today i`ve been moved to a new station. Usually i was in EXPO and in expo you only do the prep and maybe setting the last touch for the meal and dessert. Now that i`ve move to sautee i can cook more things and less prep :P ok enough of the crapppss. Today the first meal that i`ve cook is THE SIZZLING CHICKEN AND CHEESE . I dont know how it taste like but , theres no complain either. SO ? it must be GOOD :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i found this shit in youtube and YEAH it STUNT me like a lightning strike on my heart. my FUCKING MIND was stopped. i mean HELL YEAH alot of guys love sex (no kidding) but if their partner is this girl? its gonna be some SERIOUS SHIT !! I guess you guys should watch this.

Friday, July 11, 2008


The WORLD GAMEMASTER TOURNAMENT is back in malaysia. If im not mistaken its the 2nd WGT tournament held in malaysia. The first WGT was held last year at One Utama shopping center. In THE STAR news paper, ASUS has just BLAST all the gamers with an advertisment of WGT 2008 malaysia final which featured the dates and venue.

As you can see from the image above, the official game for WGT2008 Malaysia is COUNTERSTRIKE , FIFA08 , WARCRAFT 3 / DOTA , and NFS PROSTREET.
Below are the date and the venue of this tournament :

Date : 29th Oct - 2nd Nov

Venue : Midvalley Centre Court

So GAMERS gear up and keep ya finger cross for this EXCITING event. Although the official confirmation is not yet available =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

period pain attax !

Its the
7th day of my training and this feelings come to me again. I called it PERIOD PAIN feelings. It's a feeling that makes u feel FUCKUP in the things that you`r doing now. Seriosuly, it suddenly came to me like a HARPOON MISSILE strike the enemy without noticing it. Everything went smoothly untill my coach called me and aaron to help him with the RECIEVING ITEM i mean WTF ? isn't that a BANGLA's work ? So me and aaron SUKARELAPAKSA (willingly force) to do.

We end our shift at 6.30 p.m . I'm walking home since i`m not driving to work, my leg's still hurting me. While walking home suddenly im thinking about this course im thinking. Am i really interested in cooking ? Why do i take this course in the first place ? Can i really cook ? Why is this course important to me ? why the HELL it mean so much to me ? Can i stop now ? is it too late to stop now ? 1001 and things came into my mind.

Well im not emo or something. Its just that im confuse in what im gonna do with my life now. OH WELL ! C'EST LA VIE

Friday, July 4, 2008

This feelings ?!

This feelings come again. After for a quite some times i didnt feel it and now it came back to me. The lazyness , The joy , The pain , The tears all come at the same time at the same momment.And i`ll prolly face the momment for quite some times. Working in the kitchen its not easy as it look like in the tv. Its 70% more worst. I still remember, last time when i use to watch kitchen shows, it seem easy and fun. Never the less people in the tv was smiling. But in real life actually kitchen is something like hell. At first everyone laughing togather and the next thing u know everyone start scriming and scolding each other.And the PAIN that attack ur legs. Sometimes i wonder how does people that have this PASSION of cooking can come to work even know they're sick or something. It really amaze me , but i dont think so this field is for me. I try to think back in such case that made me do it even if im sick is just drawing.I LOVE TO ARTSSS!! anyway i just crapping around.