Tuesday, July 8, 2008

period pain attax !

Its the
7th day of my training and this feelings come to me again. I called it PERIOD PAIN feelings. It's a feeling that makes u feel FUCKUP in the things that you`r doing now. Seriosuly, it suddenly came to me like a HARPOON MISSILE strike the enemy without noticing it. Everything went smoothly untill my coach called me and aaron to help him with the RECIEVING ITEM i mean WTF ? isn't that a BANGLA's work ? So me and aaron SUKARELAPAKSA (willingly force) to do.

We end our shift at 6.30 p.m . I'm walking home since i`m not driving to work, my leg's still hurting me. While walking home suddenly im thinking about this course im thinking. Am i really interested in cooking ? Why do i take this course in the first place ? Can i really cook ? Why is this course important to me ? why the HELL it mean so much to me ? Can i stop now ? is it too late to stop now ? 1001 and things came into my mind.

Well im not emo or something. Its just that im confuse in what im gonna do with my life now. OH WELL ! C'EST LA VIE


Anonymous said...

since wen receiving is dubdub punya kerja? memang kitchen staff do wan la.

Even hotel also like tat. Well, maybe sheraton diff la.

anyxter said...

haha well i dont see any kitchen people do that ? except for DUBDUB T_T