Tuesday, November 4, 2008

confusion ?

You know , as we get older we tend to change our attitude , food , style , and much more. Same goes to music and all sorts of entertaiment as well. We change start from listening to Barnie and friends to some rock and roll or rnb or whatever uptodate song kindda thing.We start to be more COOLER weather we notice it or not infront of girls. In other word we start to have ego.

Its not wrong to have this changes in our life, but as things go on it reminds us of things that we love to do when we were still kids.Yes those memories wont be erase in our michine in our brain no doubt about it.Thats good as we tend not to forget in our CHILDHOOD days.

In certain case, it is strange how someone can be very much MATURE tend to how should i say ? RECALL theirs childhood days maybe ? its about 2 friends of mine . 1 is a COOL dude and 1 has a disturbing image of having 1 nite stand in the jungle ? :P So both of them went to watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 . And just the 2 of them only.

I was freaking SHOCK when i heard that story, 2 person out of 17 class mates watch high school musical3 ? its like a teenager still watching sesame street or powderpuff girls or whatever... * HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA *but yeah its not wrong to recall our CHILDHOOD days wright ? :P oh well , HIDUP INI MACAM PALAT , TAPI ESOK MASIH ADA.

P/S : i also watch some of the KIDS movie , but lets just pray i watch it with FRIENDS and i mean more then 2-3 person ok .


pervertism101 said...

Damn bad wei you.. HAHAHA!! But I like it! XDD

anyxter said...

LOL ! my how to say.. first ever long post ? :p

undoo said...



Well said, brother. Well said..