Thursday, March 18, 2010

thats the way i am

Do you know how it feels like to be short of breath

When one prays to God to gift him the death

I’ll tell you what been an Asthmatic is like
Feeling little tubes in chest growing tight

Leaving you suffocating with loads on chest
Counting the breath until it comes to rest

Things fun for others acts as stimulus for me
Making me dull with cough, sneeze and wheeze

Being allergic to one thing or the other
A reason why I can’t live a life normal

Sometimes it’s a less trouble for me to live with
Other times its really a pain to be called living

The awfulness makes me think am about to die
There’s nothing that can help but to cry

I turn blue, chest in pain, myself unconscious
Threatening my life to get respiratory arrest

Feet cold, numbness in limb, palms begin to sweat
But most miserable is the burden I feel on chest

I get dizzy, and the head spins so fast
The voices I feel like coming to from far

The body feels feeble and the vision starts to blurs
The asthma leaves all my senses completely shut

I feel like being tied and locked in a small case
The air around is never enough for me to inhale

It may get so bad that I get admitted for days
Surviving with oxygen mask and family’s prays

Have to take pills and nebulizer twice a day
For just a breath, there’s a heavy price I pay

And when it’s all over, the breath is at peace
All my energy is drained, am left so weak

It is a suffering that can’t be fully cured
I have to take measures to keep it controlled

Have to stay away from things I quite adore
Flowers in garden, monsoon season, my pets at home

I can't stand the pity looks some people hold for me
Yet others make me laugh, they think Asthma is Sexy

To be an asthmatic is not fancy or a fun
I wouldn’t wish this problem for anyone

P/S : From last FRIDAY till TODAY u haunt me. EFFF UUUU ASTHMAA ;)


Huddy said...

An unsightly scene, an awful sound,
A straight 180 when it comes around,
The life, the habits, and the things you burn,
A strife, away from the point of no return. ;)

Unknown said...

u wanna rhyme noww homieee =]

Elaine said...

ahem ahem...u missed the part about smoking aniq......