Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mara bahaya.

Last Friday or should i say early saturday, me and my buddies went to play futsal at HTO(near mydin USJ). After done with our futsal, on the way back, im driving my friends car using the first lane from the right on the road from summit towards sunway, while driving around 50-60km per hour , out of sudden this mercadese B170 on the 2nd lane turn right without giving any signals. I still remember, the words that came out from my mouth was "WTF" . I try to break, and honk but its useless, the MERS was too near, then BANG.. i hit the car on the driver seat.

After that, i looked at the mers driver, its a lady.. YES a lady, not only that she didnt give any signal to turn and also on the phone. When i asked her to turn away her car(because we land on the middle of the road) she act dumb and still on the phone. MY GOD, this is my first experience in car accident. The car i drove (avanza) bumper , head lamp , arm spoil but the mers only got a scratch and a little kemek.!!! damn unlucky that time, at the same time , my friend kena saman for having his driving license expired and after 2 hours after that, another of my friend went into accident hitting a police car...

LOL damn unlucky for all of us. So back to my story, then i went to make police report and went to see the inspector. According to the inspector it was my fault the accident happend because im driving in the wrong lane -_- " /SWT.. damn unlucky.. OH WELL, i learn my lesson well lah, the phrase "MAY DRIVING AT THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD LEAD U TO THE WRIGHT PATH" were never true

jauh ku meluncur jauh, semakin jauh, kanan kiriku tiada, hanya didepanku, Laju ku laju dan tuju kan ku tuju , hujung garis ku tawan terhitam putihlah jajahku,
Project EAR - marabahaya REMiX

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anyxter said...

sorry for the mixup words or bad english , i really dont know how to put all the words togather and explain it.