Wednesday, November 11, 2009

update for the SOUL

Some people tend to missunderstood when somebody else offer them suggggestion that related to their problem. unintentionly, they got caught in the problem. PLEASE don't misunderstood that they have no other intention just to help as a FRIEND. Do not delevope any feelings for them just because they offer you suggestion rite? NOT to say that they dont like you nor HAAATE you, its just that they think its better for them to be just friends.

We accidently creat new enemy because of the stupid misunderstanding due to giving SUGGESTION to others. Trust me they dont want to involve in this, all they want is just to help their friends and hope everything will be fine in the end. I really HOPE that it end soon, its BOTHERING me my FRIEND. Trust me.

P/S : sorry to keep others wondering what happend or confuse. One fine day ill explain k :)


Anonymous said...

gambar emo sial!

anyxter said...

hahah abit la :D