Sunday, June 21, 2009

college moment

Sooo here we are at the HOLIDAY weekkk... bored , damn bored .. So i decide to blog about some quick recap of term4 , the first day of college felt nothing different except some new faces, but class ? still the same old group 2 i guess. But this term is abit different from others. Early of the term there's some issues coming out because of "CHANGGING CLASS DUE TO RACES" problems.

Soon after that all of us busy with assigments , waste not w
ant not project , and SOME issue's . But no matter what issue's coming out it will not seperate us apart i guess(thanks to pool and foosball) . 2nd to know , its already been pass 3 month we're gone through. Time sure pass damn fast, after this all of us going for training. 3 more months not going to see each others. So basically thats about it , nothing much to say because the rest are just the same as normall terms goes :D


(waste not want not cameron trip)

Oh well, sometimes shit happend in our life. But no matter how shitty it is, the good things never miss to come too :)

SEE U GUYS IN 3 months TIME....

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undoo said...

guess what, you havent updated your blog for SO LONG that theyre changing our classes.. AGAIN!