Sunday, January 4, 2009


Time flies by so fast without we noticing it, its already 2oo9. All the tears and joy we buried deep down, as it would be our road of journey in life. It really suprise me when i notice im in term6 in my course, that means im in the final term. All the fun and sad as we walk through the road of studying the course we love( well some of us). It feels like yesterday i know all of u. Seriously, i still remember the day when we we're set into group, i was alone and not knowing anyone, andy , jimmy , and vincent approch me and intro them self while vincent taking our group number and email hahah. Soon to know, our group plan to watch cinema togather at pyramid. Oh well , 2009 is here , i guess byebye 2008, im sure there will be whole lots of suprises that waiting us this year. Till then , adios ;)

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