Thursday, January 8, 2009


For Hindus and Jains,
karman (karma is the nominative Sanskrit form) originally referred to proper ritual actions, but the term has come to denote past actions that will affect what happens to a person in various hells or paradises after death and in the individual's particular rebirth or reincarnation. Literally, what one is now is the result of what one did in the past and what one is now contains seeds for the future. According to the Law of Karman, life is a series of deaths and rebirths determined by one's past actions. To achieve true liberation from the cycle of life, one must theoretically achieve total nonaction, total negation of karman. Buddhists also consider that a person's situation is determined by his or her karman, and that good karman can in some ways eliminate the results of bad karman.

Today as i was yum-cha ing with my friends, i came with this karma situation, not just me, but it involve 3 person, and the karma turning back to us at the same time. How wonderfull is that. From that moment , i see that karma can attack us in a good way or a bad way. Even things that we do for the past 10000 years also will come and hunt us back. There is no telling when it will strike us, but it will. I dont really believe in karma untill i came across that situation, WOW the power of karma really take deep impact on a person. People really DO learn something new everyday.

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